Da Mix-Plate of South Seas Inspired Tattoos

Kauai is made up of many diverse and unique cultures. The sugar plantation days of old brought many cultures to this small island in the middle of the Pacific. From Japan to the Philippines from Hawaii to Aotearoa and from Samoa to Tahiti.  The local dialect “pigeon” is also a result of many different cultures sitting around a fire trying to communicate with each during the sugar plantation days. This is why you can hear Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and mainland American words in one conversation.

This is why I call this page Mix-plate.


2 Comments on “Da Mix-Plate of South Seas Inspired Tattoos

  1. You do fantasist work!!!!! Any chance you could send me an email of pictures of turtle pieces you have done? My fiancé and I are taking a honeymoon in Hawaii and want to get tattoos while we are there and I like your work the best!!! Catherineclare@me.com
    Thanks so much!

    • They are scattered through out my site. I do create one of a kind tattoos based on your own personal intent so you’ll get an original tattoo at my studio. Thanks for the kind words

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