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My tattoo work focuses primarily on South Seas style tattooing, and all tattoos relating to cultural influence and importance. My lifelong interest in ancient and indigenous cultures led me on my path, giving me a personal animistic view of the universe. The talismanic properties of tattoos have always been at the core of my interest driving me further into exploring the roots of tattooing culture and history.  My intent in tattooing also stems from my personal views regarding the missionary/colonial conquest that nearly wiped out indigenous tattoo practices and the knowledge systems, not only within the Pacific but the world over. My passion is to help support cultural revival and to keep the indigenous cultures alive through this unique art form.

Mahalo for viewing. I look forward to working with you.

Samuel Shaw

 The tattoos I create and show on my website are intended for the wearer alone and are never meant to be copied. I honor your individuality in every tattoo I make. Please respect this by not copying my work. To do so would be disrespectful to the wearer, the artist and the culture.