Making an appointment

Tattoo Appointment Process Instructions for Samuel Shaw.

To book a tattoo appointment or consultation with Samuel , please contact me at or text me at 808-631-6130. Please note that I am currently booked for about 2 months out. The earlier you reserve your spot, the better chance you’ll be able to get in with me. You will be recommended to the other Kulture artists if I am booked.

Keep in mind, It can also take me up to seven (7) days to respond to an email inquiry, so please be patient. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please no excessive texts or calls. Slow down. This is not mainland 😉

I also require a 50-100 dollar deposit to secure an appointment date. Nothing is set until that is received. When ready to make a deposit I will send you a deposit request through your phone number or email. A very convenient way. To secure your appointment.

When submitting a query, it’s very important to provide me with most of the following. If visiting the island please include your travel dates. It’s better to book closer to the end of your trip. You may provide any insight about your intentions, size, and tattoo placement. If you are not familiar with the differences in the individual styles of tattooing found within my portfolio, please provide a screenshot of the style of work that you are interested in. Don’t worry! Your tattoo will be unique and designed to support your own intentions. As for the meanings. There is no place you are going to find about the meanings online. You might find vague descriptions in a few books and websites but this knowledge has been passed down orally. Trust that we will help educate and explain the symbols we choose for you. This way of tattooing is about connection and vital that you know what every aspect of your tattoo is about. Your going to wear it. You must defend it!

My hourly rate is 200.00 an hour and I have a shop minimum of 200.00. When tattooing, I am a freight train of focus. I work at an intense rate and keep the pain to its minimum as I am light handed. There is less trauma to your skin with my technique. Less bleeding. I use all organic products and now tattoo with an ointment rich in CBD oil. All to promote thorough healing. I rarely take breaks unless you need one. There are no distractions in my studio. I am there to fulfill your intentions and give you 150% professionalism.

Aloha and look forward to hearing from you.