Artist contact and important information for Kulture Tattoo Kollective


4556 Awawa Road, Hanapepe, Hawaii at the Seto Market Building on the Hanapepe river. We are a private tattoo studio so our hours can and often vary. Normally we are open from 12pm and close up shop whenever we are pau (finished)
Monday through Saturday
Sunday schedule varies.

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How do I make an appointment for my tattoo?

If you are visiting and want to make an appointment please contact us in advance. We rarely except walk-ins yet will accommodate when we can We welcome you to set up a consultation or talk to us in advance if planning on stopping by the studio.

Samuel Shaw: Click Here

Thad Nakao: tat2thad@gmail.com

Keola Akau: olamonink@gmail.com

Kalin Mier: kalinmier@gmail.com

Ashley Roney for Henna and Jagua  adornedkauai@gmail.com

A 50-100.00 non-refundable deposit is required for all appointments.

Appointments are subject to change and we will contact you in advance if so. 

Are there any health risks in receiving a tattoo?

We are licensed tattoo artists in the State of Hawaii. We maintain very strict and high standards of cleanliness and practice aseptic techniques to ensure the safety of all our clients and artists alike. Everything used in the tattoo process is for “single use” only. All needles and tubes are pre-sterilized in a routinely spore checked and certified hospital autoclave. All inks are used in single use containers.

So you wanna tattoo from home? Where can you buy tattoo kits?

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Do you accept credit cards?

We prefer cash but yes, we accept all major credit cards
using the Square app.

What is the aftercare of my tattoo?

Please keep your tattoo bandaged for 4 to 5 hours.
After removing the bandage wash your tattoo with a very mild soap and warm water
Wash off any dried blood or plasma (clear slimy substance) that may be dried to your tattoo. A shower is the easiest way to wash your tattoo.
Lather your tattoo with a soap and warm water gently washing with your hand
Do not bandage again unless instructed otherwise
Washing your tattoo at least 2 to 3 times daily is a must.
For the first few days after receiving you tattoo nothing will change in your tattoo. It is by the 2nd to 3rd day that your tattoo will start to become dry.
At this point your tattoo will start the peeling process.
It is normal to see flakes of colored/black skin coming off your tattoo.
At this point your tattoo will become extremely itchy.
Do not pick or scratch at your tattoo. This can damage your tattoo. We recommend Hustle Butter and is available at Amazon or a 100% fragrance free/dye free moisturizing lotion.
Apply a small amount 2 to 5 times a day or whenever your tattoo is dry.
Do not smother your tattoo with the lotion, its better to use sparingly.
The peeling/shedding process goes on for about a week to 10 days.

Never touch a healing tattoo with dirty hands and always use good hygiene.
Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight.
No swimming in ocean or fresh water.
No bath, jacuzzi, or any type of soaking.
No sports or any other activity such as working out and weight lifting.
Use your common sense.

Infection in a well executed tattoo is very rare.
At any sign of an infection or if you have any questions, contact the shop or your local physician ASAP.
We do not recommend petroleum-based ointments, Neosporin, etc.
Please do not listen to any other advice!!

Aloha from Kulture!