The F.A.Q.

Our Location:

4556 Awawa Road, Hanapepe, Hawaii at the Seto Market Building on the Hanapepe river. We are a private tattoo studio so our hours can and often vary. Normally we are open from 12pm and close up shop whenever we are pau (finished)
Monday through Saturday
Sunday schedule varies.

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Are there any health risks in receiving a tattoo?

We are licensed tattoo artists in the State of Hawaii. We maintain very strict and high standards of cleanliness and practice aseptic techniques to ensure the safety of all our clients and artists alike. Everything used in the tattoo process is for “single use” only. All needles and tubes are pre-sterilized in a routinely spore checked and certified hospital autoclave. All inks are used in single use containers.

Kulture Tattoo Care Instructions:

You just earned your tattoo and now it is time to protect your life time investment.
The entire healing process can generally take 7-14 days to heal.
Please keep your tattoo bandaged for 2 to 5 hours or as instructed by your artist.
After removing the bandage, you will wash your tattoo with warm soapy water.
The easiest place to clean your tattoo is in the shower. We recommend a fragrance free and natural soap.
Expect your tattoo to be very slimy and to see lots of excess black ink when you remove the bandage.
Gently wash off any of the bloody plasma (clear slimy substance) that may be covering your tattoo. 
It is OK to gently lather up your tattoo with warm soap and water with your hand. Do not use a wash cloth.
Re-bandaging is not necessary unless have been instructed otherwise…e.g. your flight back home.
For the entirety of the healing process we suggest washing your tattoo at least 2 times a day.
For aftercare we recommend the original Hustle Butter Deluxe® tattoo ointment or their CBD Luxe ointment.
It is usually available on Amazon. Perfect for the client getting larger work and multiple sessions.
Aveeno, Lubriderm, and equivalents are perfectly suitable as long as its certified Fragrance/Dye Free.
After washing your tattoo, let it air dry for a bit. Then use your aftercare product.
Use only a small amount 2-3 times a day or whenever your tattoo is feeling dry.
Do not smother your tattoo with it, It’s better to use sparingly.
Usually it is by the 2nd to 3rd day that your tattoo will start to become dry.
It is normal to see flakes of colored/black skin coming off your tattoo.
Actually, you will be leaving your DNA everywhere. No worries! This is just part of the healing process!
At this point your tattoo can become itchy. Do not pick or scratch at your tattoo.
Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight for at least a month. Even if it is healed.
Use a sunblock when your tattoo has no open wounds and has completed the shedding process only.
No swimming in ocean or fresh water until healed. No bath, jacuzzi, or any type of soaking while healing.
Until healed, no sports, working out or weight lifting.. Sports equipment is rarely disinfected.
You can get back to your cardio and super calves when your tattoo has healed. Why chance em?
Use your common sense and practice good hygiene. Infection in a well executed tattoo is very rare.
At any sign of an infection or if you have any questions, contact us or your local physician ASAP.
Please do not listen to any other advice and thank you for choosing Kulture Tattoo.

So you wanna tattoo from home? Where can you buy tattoo kits?

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Do you accept credit cards?

We prefer cash but yes, we accept all major credit cards
using the Square app, Paypal, and Vemno